Saturday, May 15, 2021
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The CIC in My School

There are many ways to fit CIC into your school day or after school programs. 

Plan CIC Implementation for Your School

Select staff.

Teachers, enrichment leads, STEM coordinators, after-school coordinators – many people can play a role. The many duties your CIC leaders will perform include: teaching the curriculum, registering your school, registering students for the CIC Finals event, paying the event registration fee, receiving information from CIC, contacting CIC with questions, outreach to parents and community, and securing funding if needed.

Decide population and schedule for the program.

Decide teaching population and time. Your staff selection might decide this, but if not, pick the grade levels, team, before school, after school, etc. that will be the target of the program.  You want to consider having multiple grade levels involved in this program.  It is amazing to see your students’ growth when they have multiple opportunities to invent.

Set date and location for your school/district's local convention.

Know your target date for the culmination of your local curriculum – your school/district Invention Convention.  You will need to hold your local event before the registration deadline dates listed on the Teachers Workspace ( so that you have enough time to select and register your inventors moving on to the CIC Annual State Final Event(s) listed for your area.

Set budget and secure funding.

While running an Invention Convention program at your school is not expensive, some funds are required. The average school will spend the following each year:

  • School Registration- $150 (waived for first time schools). There is a discount registration fee for districts/groups registering more than one school.
  • Professional Development cost – we hold workshops all across the state.
  • Awards and incidentals for local school convention, if needed
  • Student Registrations for your students going to the CIC Annual State Final Event. The fee is $45 per student, paid by the school, district, or parent.
  • Bus to transport inventors and their families to the CIC Annual State Final Event at UCONN, Storrs, CT (if needed, but not required)
  • Teacher stipend (if required)

Register Your School/Program

Online registration is required for all schools/programs.  You will create an account and use the login information to access your teacher workspace for all school and student registration information.

First time schools registration fee is waived, but registration is still required. Schools returning to the program pay $150. (There is a discounted fee schedule for districts/groups registering more than one school.)  Fees are payable by check on invoice or by credit card. 

Plan for CIC Professional Development

CIC runs professional development sessions for new and veteran teachers.

  • Professional Development (PD) is required for all new CIC teachers and highly recommended for teachers who have not seen the curricular resources.
  • CIC PD is a great opportunity to meet other CIC teachers from your area that are running Invention Convention programs.
  • Registration and payment is required in advance of the class.

Start Your Program

Hold a "Kick-Off Meeting" for all interested students

Get students excited and motivated to participate in invention convention. This is particularly important if you are running the invention convention program outside of your normal school curriculum. Tell parents about your plans and solicit participation. The CIC offers resources to registered schools to help get your students excited about the program (videos, flyers, success stories).

Teach the Curriculum

Plan instruction time.

Instruction typically takes 6-8 weeks depending on how often classes are held. Some schools build this into their daily or weekly coursework during school; some make this an after school or enrichment program. Plan enough time for students to consider the task before them and to be able to get their creative juices going.

Conduct Your local Invention Convention

Hold your own local Invention Convention.

Engage local businesses, civic organizations and other volunteers to come and judge the exhibits using CIC-provided judging materials. Judge training is available upon request. Invite families and other classes to come in and view the displays.

Select the inventors to attend the CIC Finals Event

The percentage of each schools' students who can move on to the CIC Annual State Final Event will be announced in early February.  Register your inventors selected for the CIC Annual State Final Event and communicate with parents.  All students attending the CIC Annual State Final Event must sign photo/video/social media waivers. (CIC is planning to incorporate this waiver into the registration process).