Saturday, May 15, 2021
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The Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC) is a really rewarding experience, not just for teachers and schools, but students and their families too!  CIC is actually a part of a year-long program that teaches students creative problem solving through the process of invention. The CIC Program educates students in the process of invention by asking them to identify a unique problem in their world, build a solution to that problem, chronicle their journey to a successful solution, and present their invention to their peers and adult judges. CIC can be taught in a variety of settings including in school as part of the curriculum, as part of an enrichment program, as part of an intervention program, as an after-school program, in a home schooling environment, in makerspaces, and invention clubs.  

Our goal is to provide students with interesting, meaningful, and age-appropriate opportunities to develop and enhance their critical-thinking skills using creative problem solving techniques.  Our mission is to ensure that this fun and esteem-enhancing program instills the creative spirit in each student today and for the rest of his or her lives. 

In this section of our site, we provide students and their parents with key facts about the CIC process, guidelines for enhancing the CIC experience, rules for participation in events, and other opportunities that may be available to the student. The links below provide more detailed information about the CIC and what you, as Parents and Students, need to know to be successful.