Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Sponsors and Judging

Many of the CIC’s sponsors support the CIC through the involvement of their employees as volunteer judges at local and state-wide invention events. The CIC highly values the interest and dedication of its 500+ volunteer judges and welcomes new judges to explore this fulfilling volunteer activity.

Judges who have an interest in encouraging young inventors by investing of a few hours of their time, will be guided and mentored in how to judge inventions. Training is provided by the CIC and new judges are paired with veteran judges at competitions.

The main areas where judges come into play:

Corporate Sponsor Judging at Local (School/District) Levels

In programs where the CIC and a corporate sponsor team up to jump-start invention programs at the local level, volunteers are recruited to help with “Invention Convention” judging in local schools, and assist in selecting inventors who will move on to the next event. Judging assignments are preceded by brief training by the CIC teacher, and typically span one morning or one afternoon/evening.


Corporate Sponsor Judging for Sponsor Awards at the State Level

The CIC works with corporate sponsors who provide financial and volunteer support for “Sponsor Awards” at the CIC Finals Event at UConn. A minimum of six volunteer judges are needed to select Sponsor Award recipients in categories of interest to the sponsor, such as “Energy.” Corporate funders of Sponsor Awards work closely with CIC to identify recipients, judge their awards, present the awards, and publicize the winners.