Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Student Events Information

The CIC Annual State Final event(s) are held for your students to present their inventions. Once all the schools have been registered for the program, and we have an estimate of the number of students in the program, you will be notified with the number/percentage of students you can register for this event. Prior to the CIC Annual State Final event(s), most schools/districts host a local school/district mini-convention to provide students with an opportunity to present their invention to local judges. The local school/district invention convention will also serve as the event where some of your students are selected to attend the one of the CIC Annual State Final event(s). Your students will attend the CIC Annual State Final Event at the location that is assigned to their school.  

Student Registration for the 2019-20 CIC Annual State Final Event(s) will open in early February or sooner.  Login to your teacher workspace to register your students.
The deadline for student registration is March 31, 2020
.  Registration fee is $50 per student, payable by the school/district or the parents. 

Helpful Dates to Keep You On Track:

  • By the end of January, know how many students are in your program  
  • After February 1, 2020, login to your teacher workspace and begin registering your CIC participating students selected to attend the one of the CIC Annual State Final events.
  • By March 31, 2020 complete all the registration information for the students attending their CIC Annual State Final event. Send in payment or indicate that parents will pay. 

Three Things Each Student Registration Needs to Participate in a CIC Annual State Final event:

  • Complete all the required fields in the online registration form, including appropriate information about the student's invention name, description and purpose. A helpful How To guide is available in the teacher's workspace.
  • Pay the $50 registration fee per student or indicate that the parent/guardian is responsible to pay the fee
  • CIC's Photo/Video/Social Media waiver must be approved (this is the former photo permission form, which may be available electronically this year).

What Does My Student Need to Participate in the CIC Annual State Finals event?

  • Completed and paid registration
  • Display board, no larger than 48" high and 36" wide
  • Prototype that must fit in the space in front of the display board on the table, or the floor, namely 2' wide x 2' deep (height is less of an issue, but the inventor should be able to carry their own prototype.) Over-sized prototypes are not permitted in the venue.  For large inventions, the inventor should record a short video of the invention and use their own device to show the video at events. 
  • Be present to present their invention to peers and judges.