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2016-17 Noteworthy Topics

Description and Important Dates

Nuts N Bolts for Schools 2016-2017 General information and important dates for running the CIC program in yoru school
Professional Development Schedule CIC and CREC are offering several opportunities for teacher training to implement CIC and gain a better understanding of CIC's alignment with NGSS.
Discount Fee Schedule for Schools

Schools/programs in the same district or group qualify for a discounted school registration rate.

Expanded Teacher Workspace
for Registering Schools and
Submitting Student Roster

Online system for teachers to manage registration information for their school and students' participation in the CIC program. 

Roster for Participating Students

In January, you will receive an email reminding you to login to your workspace, also known as the CIC registration system and enter your student roster.  
All student registration activities regarding CIC events, including the regionals and finals, will be based on the information in the student rosters.
The deadline for entering your student roster is January 15, 2017

CIC Regional Events 

CIC Regional Events Schedule is established by location of schools within a county. ONLY Teachers can register students for the Regional Event.

Apps and Microcontrollers Use in Inventions  Permitted use of apps and microcontrollers in student inventions. 
Photo Permission Form

The CIC's policy is to align the Photo Permission Form with other state-wide student competitions where the non-profit organization must adhere to policies governing photographing and videoing of students.

Photo Permission Form Procedure
1.  The parent/guardian fills out and signs the CIC Photo Permission 2017 form.
2.  The student turns in the signed CIC Photo Permission 2017 form when they arrive at the Regional Event.
3.  If the student does not turn in this signed form, then they are not registered for the competition and will not be admitted to the event.

CIC Facts and Information Description
CIC Fact Sheet Basic facts about the Connecticut Invention Convention
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
UCONN 2011 Report UCONN Survey and Report on the impact of the CIC program on students
NPR News National Public Radio website article about the CIC 
Inventor Stories Real stories about current and past CIC inventors 
Judges Information Typical schedule of the day for judges with directions to UCONN; Email  for updated information for 2017
Regional Schedule of the Day 2017 Typical schedule of the day for inventors, teachers and parents; Email for updated information for 2017
Finals Schedule of the Day 2017 Typical schedule of the day for inventors, teachers and parents; Email for updated information for 2017
Map and Directions to UCONN Gampel Pavilion is where the Invention Convention is held.  Other venues: Judge Training, ITEB; Teacher Appreciation Program, School of Business 
2016 Awards by Sponsor 2016 CIC Finals Sponsor Award Winners
2016 Awards by School 2016 CIC Finals Recognized Inventors and Sponsor Award Winners by School
2016 Awards by Last Name 2016 CIC Finals Recognized Inventors and Sponsor Award Winners by Last Name 

Links and Useful Information


Curriculum and cost The curriculum is made available to you once your school is registered for the CIC program.
You will be given the URL LINK to access the on-line curriculum folder where you'll find all the information you need.  
There are over 130 different lessons for grades K-8.
Each lesson includes not only the step-by-step activity, but lists of CC and NGSS standards addressed, an introductory Powerpoint,
evaluation rubric and additional support materials. Click to see a picture of our curricular resource manuals.
Registration Fees:
School and Inventors
There is no charge to register a "first-time" school. A first-time school is one that has never participated in the CIC program.
For all returning schools, the registration fee is $150 or less, if the school is taking part in the discounted fee schedule. 
CLICK HERE for more information about how to take advantage of this discount.
Student Registration Fee for Regional Event: $20
Student Registration Fee for Finals Event: $30


 30th Anniversary     The CIC celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2012



Presentations and Videos

Jonathan Baine's Invention Convention Kick-Off Presentation     Need an instant way to introduce CIC into your classroom? View a Sample presentation from which you can model and develop your own individualized school's KICK-OFF slide show. 

How to Run School IC     This is a good overview of what you need to consider when running a school Invention Convention program.

Introducing the CIC     Great 9 minute video introducing the CIC, what it is and why it's important. Good stories by and about student inventors.

How To Reach STEM Standards    Video showing how to achieve the goals of STEM education though inventing

Science and Inventing   How you can bring the concepts of science and the fun of inventing into your classroom.

Getting your Program Started     What are the first few steps in getting your school program up and running?

5 Essential Lessons   More information on how to make your program a success



Communicating With Students and Parents 

This section contains materials developed by real teachers who have graciously made their work available to support others. We greatly appreciate their generosity and kindness. Feel free to use and modify any of this material as you want. However, if you do use any of their material, be sure to thank these teachers for their help and support.

If you would like any of YOUR materials posted here to help others, please send them to    You can have full credit for your work or it can be posted anonymously. 

FAQ     Can students work in teams on one invention? Can an app be used as the invention? Can an iPod be used to display information about the invention? What if the invention costs more than $50?

Intent to Invent form focuses the students on what specifically they are trying to do and also gets the parents informed and involved   Intent to Invent Form

Carolyn Wheeler, a wonderful teacher at C. H. Barrows STEM School in North Windham, has graciously donated some of the letters and emails she uses to communicate with students and parents. CW 1 IC Update 1.doc     CW 2 Creation vs Invention.doc     CW 3 Ideas For Thinking of Ideas.doc     Naming The Invention.doc     CW 5 IC Display Boards.doc     CW 6 IC Due Dates.doc

Kathy Almeida runs a great Inventing program at Our Lady of the Assumption in Fairfield. Here are the fantastic items she uses in her program.      KA 1 Introduction to Inventing 13.doc     KA 2 Brainstorming 13.doc     KA 3 Researching the Problem 13.doc     KA 4 Imagine 13.doc     KA 5 Plan and Design 13.doc     KA 67 Build Test Redesign 13.doc     KA Parents Intro IC Designing 13.doc

Meeting notices from Pomfret     Pomfret IC.doc     Pomfret CIC Meeting.doc 


Interesting Articles and Websites

The Real World Is Not An Exam   Downloadable Document   Although the example is medicine, the lesson should be applied to all fields of learning.

Learning To Think Outside Of The Box     Downloadable Document     Being creative is not something done after education; it is part of being educated.

STEM Challenge     Article about why STEM is important to society

Salmon Kahn     Thoughts on the importance of Inventing as a STEM activity by the Founder of the Kahn Academy

TechSavvy     A special site for female inventors


Next Step Inventors

Patent Process V7     The procedure for getting a patent in the US has changed. Here is some basic information about the new process. 

Two student inventors on the Next Steps    Mesa    Wertz






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