Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Role of the Parent in the Invention Process

Thanks to the parents of all of our young inventors for helping to make their dreams come true. Without your care and attention, we know that many inventors would not complete this unique process which promotes All-American innovation and independence.

Along the way, we ask you to follow one simple guideline for parent involvement – treat the invention activity the same way you would treat a sport in which your child is engaged. In sports, you make sure they have their equipment ready, you bring them where they have to go, you cheer them on and give a hug when needed, but you do not go on the field by their side.

In invention, the problem must be the student’s own, the solution must be of their own design, and the Inventor’s Log should reflect these steps. However, a student might need to go to Home Depot or to a relative’s home to borrow equipment and that’s where you come in. They might need to be reminded about the deadline or need supervision with hand or power tools. What a wonderful way for you to share real, practical skills with your child that they will have forever.

Young boys and girls seem to really like the “work” of invention and we are sure this will be pleasurable in the end for everyone. Enjoy and treasure these moments and all the others throughout the educational process – you have all earned them!

More information for parents 

Más información para los padres

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