Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Homeschooled / Independent Study Students

While most students taking part in the CT Invention Convention come from public and private school programs in Connecticut, many – and indeed a growing number – of students come from home-schooled or independent study origins. Welcome!  We are happy these students are finding a way to take part in our valuable program.

In CIC language, these students are an "Independent Study Student" (ISS). As with any students, ISS’s identify their own unique problems, and work to solve them via the Invention Process. All students will learn about inventing and the inventing process as they solve their own problems and complete their prototype invention. 

Here are a few interesting articles and helpful CIC literature: 

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Qualification as ISS

ISS is a category of CIC participant that is expressly reserved for a student who wants to participate in the CIC program, but falls into one of these categories:

  • The student is Home-Schooled.
  • The student’s school has not joined the CIC program.
  • The student’s school has joined the CIC program, but participation in the school’s CIC program is not offered to the student. If the school gives the student the opportunity to participate, but they decide not to, then they cannot be an ISS. If for any reason, the school does NOT select the student to represent the school at the State Finals, then the student can NOT register as an ISS.


ISS Invention Requirements

The requirements for Invention Log, Display and Invention are the same for ISS’s as for any other student. Information about these items and other resources that can be of help can be obtained by clicking here:

Invention Log
Guidelines for Inventors
Guidelines for Parents
Photo Permission Form
Connecticut MakerSpacesApps and MicroControllers

Registering Independent Study Students (ISS)

Students who are home-schooled, or who otherwise need to participate in the CIC through independent study are classified as Independent Study Students (ISS).  Please note that the qualifications for participating in the CIC as an ISS have been updated and that a "local invention convention" event for ISS Students is held prior to any of the Regional Events.  This year, the Local Invention Convention for the ISS students will be Thursday, March 16, 2017 at Goodwin College at One Pent Road in East Hartford, CT, from noon - 4 pm.  This is a free event to ISS students and is generously hosted by Goodwin College.

Please refer to the page called "Registering for CIC" here and scroll down to the area titled"My Child is Homeschooled or Cannot Participate in CIC Through a School/After School Program:" for very specific and up to date information on the registration process for ISS students, their progression to the Regional Event and then to the CIC Finals. 

You are encouraged to read and follow the Rules for Invention Convention. As with all school invention conventions, a percentage of the ISS students will be selected to move on to the Central Regional Invention Convention Event on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at Goodwin College in East Hartford. 

To assure fairness to everyone, ISS students can NOT register for a different Regional Event, no matter what the reason or problem. Sorry!

ISS’s Attending CIC Finals at UConn

Only those ISS’s selected as finalists at the Central Regional Event event will be invited to participate at the CIC Finals at UCONN. Any ISS not selected, will not be able to participate at the State Finals. There is NO option for registering late or just showing up at either the ISS Invention Convention event, the Central Regional Event or the CIC Finals without having registered. If a student does just show up, they will be turned away. 


If you have any questions, please contact:

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