Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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CIC State FInals Was Held May 4, 2019 at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

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The following guidelines for inventors contain important invention information that should be shared with the inventors and their parents. 

K-2 Inventor Guidelines

3-6 Inventor Guidelines

Use of Apps and Microcontrollers

Judging Circle - The Judging Circle is comprised of a group of 7-9 inventors of similar grade levels, and their judges (2 -3 judges per circle). The circle is configured so you can be be involved in each of your peer inventors' presentations and discuss their ideas and inventions. Listen carefully and respectfully to their presentations as they will also be listening respectfully to yours. Be courteous and polite of your fellow inventors; at the end of their presentation, ask them questions about their invention idea, the problem they wanted to solve, or what they would do with their invention if they had more time to work on it. 

Judge Rubric - The judging rubric is the scorecard that judges use to keep notes on how well you achieved the invention process. For instance,

  • can you present your problem clearly;
  • did you build a workable solution to the problem;
  • did you think about who else could use your invention;
  • did you think about the best materials to use if your invention were to become a real product instead of just a prototype;
  • did you think about how your invention affects the environment;
  • did you record all your invention processes in your log, including all the problems you thought you could solve with an invention, your prototype ideas, prototype designs and materials, prototype testing, results of your tests and what you did to improve your invention if the tests failed; 
  • and finally, how well did you research your problem and existing solutions, who helped you along the way with tools, research, expert advice, etc.  

Judging Criteria for Inventor Guidelines - this guide represents some of the questions judges may ask you. Use it to help you prepare your best presentation!

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